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Age 3 and 4 

Combination classes are designed to introduce the student to multiple styles of dance, including: tap, ballet, jazz and hip-hop.

Take a look at all our combination classes, including gymnastic/dance combinations.


Tap/Ballet/Creative Movement Combo

Age 5 and 6


Monday  530-630pm              JB

Wednesday 400-500pm         SC

Wednesday  500-600pm

(Gym/Dance)                            JB

Thursday 500-600pm             SC

Thursday 600-700pm             JB

Friday 445-545pm                   AG

Tuesday 600-645pm

(boys) Hip Hop                      MM


Friday 400-430pm

(3-5yrs. Boys Hip Hop)          JB

Age 7 and 8


Ballet  -  Friday  400-445pm                                                  AG

Combo - Monday 630-730pm                                               JB

Combo - Wednedsday 630-730pm                                      MM

Hip Hop - Monday 445-530pm                                             JB

Hip Hop - Wednesday 545-630pm                                      MM

Hip Hop - Friday 630-715pm                                                 JB


Tuesday 600-645pm      

(Boys Hip Hop age 5 to 7 years old)                                    MM

Tuesday 645-730pm

(Boys Hip Hop age 8 and older)                                           MM



Combination Classes

1.5/2 yr. old, 3/4 yr. old, 5/6 yr.old, 7/8 yr. old.

Gymnastics/Dance 3-6 years old


3&4 yrs. Gym/Dance

3&4 yrs. Gym/Dance

5&6 yrs. Gym/Dance







600-700pm          JB

930-1030am        JB

500-600pm          JB


These classes are half hour dance, half hour gymnastics.


Monday 930-1030am             JB

Monday 200-300pm               JB

Wednesday 500-600pm        SC  

Wednesday 600-700pm

(gym/dance)                             JB

Thursday 930-1030am

(gym/dance)                             JB      



Thursday 1030-1130             JB            

Thursday  500-600pm           JB

Thursday 600-700pm           SC

Friday 400-430pm  

(Boys 3-5 yrs. Hip Hop)                                  


Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 7.27.04 AM

Mommy & Me (1.5 - 2 years of age)

Monday 1030-1130am          JB