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Rehearsal and Recital Info.

The recital is a showcase at the end of the dance season. It is each dancer’s opportunity to show off their hard work. Each class will learn a routine which will be performed in this showcase.

There will be dress rehearsals the week prior to recital. The dancers will come dressed in their costume, tights, shoes and makeup. Each class will get time to rehearse their dance on the stage. There will be multiple recitals.  We will make every effort to have siblings perform together in the same show.  If we are informed ahead of time, we will do what we can to put extended family in the same show, however, due to the complexity of arranging and putting siblings in the same show, we cannot guarantee this.


Although the recital is optional, we encourage each student to participate. It’s their chance to shine! As we get closer to recital, you will receive more specific information about the recital.

Ticket Information

The order forms for recital tickets will be mailed to your home address early May. (Please make sure we have the correct address.) Fill out the form and send it back to us via mail. The seats will be assigned as soon as we receive the order form in the mail.


You can pick up your pre-ordered recital tickets at the front desk the end of May and/or at the recital.  WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY ORDER FORM AT THE FRONT DESK until approximately a week prior to recital.  At that time, tickets will be available to purchase at the studio.


Picture day takes place in the Spring at the dance studio. Group and individual pictures will be taken at this time. Dancers come in full costume, hair and makeup. Prior to picture day, there will be order forms with price list available at the front desk for you to pick up. There is no obligation to purchase any pictures. However, we ask that all dancers come for the group photo so that we may display the group pictures in our lobby.


It is not mandatory to participate in the recital but we encourage each dancer to gain the experience of working towards a goal.


If you choose to participate, you will need to purchase a costume and tights from RDC, as well as have the appropriate shoes. The costume cost is determined based on the age and type of class. We do require a deposit on each costume in early October and the balance is due early November. (The costume cost includes the costume, tights and accessories.)